Monday, April 11, 2011

terlalu indah...

lately become too addicted to dis nice song!!
~yang terindah~
kdang2 kte xsdr..dlm hdup nie
wlaupon xsume yg kte nk kte akn dpt...
tpi 1bnda yg selalu ade ngn kte..ialah
sama ada kenangan tu mnis or phit..
ia ttap akn ade dlm ingatan kte..
n ble aku dgr lgu neh..
it's remind me to someone..
someone who always there
someone who always make me smile
someone who can make me feel confortable with
n someone dat really make me sad...
anyhow,,thanks 4 coming into my life..
 u'll always in my mind 
n dis song is dedicated to him..
*get well sOon~

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